Laguiole™ 2 square glass containers with bamboo lid/ cutting board


DESCRIPTION: Set 2  containers in Borosilicate with bamboo lid /cutting board

5" x5"x 3.75" 750ml
6.3"x 6.3"x4.5" 1750ml

The airtight bamboo lid keeps food fresh and preserves aromas and flavors. Borosilicate glass is safe and environmentally friendly, more heat-resistant than other forms of glass on the market. CONTAINERS SAFE FOR THE DISHWASHER, FREEZER, OVEN, AND MICROWAVE: Thanks to their high borosilicate thick glass construction, our glass food storage containers are safe for extreme temperatures of up to 570°F. They're perfect for all your food storage and preparation needs.

CAPACITY: 750ml/1750ml
CLEANING ADVISES: Dishwasher safe
HEAT RESISTANCE:Container: Heat resistant up to 550 F   DO NOT USE LID IN OVEN/microwave

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