Laguiole™ 9 pcs Nonstick Cookware Set Copper/ Greblon C2 coating


Beautify your kitchen with this gorgeous professional-grade cookware set. Dive into a healthier cooking routine with top-quality, non-stick copper pans and pots. Thanks to its copper exterior, this set allows excellent heat conductivity and precise temperature control. Highly non-stick and ultra abrasion-resistant allows cooking with little or no fat.
The heat diffusion is optimal and energy-efficient thanks to the superior quality and its impact bottom. Perfect for induction.

  • Saucepan 6.3" - 1,40 L
  • Saucepan 7" w/lid - 2,0 L
  • Saute pan 9.4" w/lid -  3,0 L      
  • Frying pan 9.4" 
  • Frying pan 11"
  • Stockpot  9" w/lid - 5.5 L

CLEANING ADVISES: Dishwasher safe
COATING: High non-stick coating Greblon
HEAT RESISTANCE: Up to 450 F for the body 350 F for the lid

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