Laguiole™ 3 glass containers with bamboo lid/ cutting board


DESCRIPTION: Set of 3 rectangular containers in Borosilicate glass with bamboo lid /cutting board
5.7"x4.1"x1.85" 370ml
6.6"x4.8"x2.1" 640ml
7.7"x5.7"x2.4" 1040ml

Bamboo lid : 3 in 1 lid/ Cutting board/ Trivet .

The airtight bamboo lid keeps food fresh and preserves aromas and flavors. Borosilicate glass is safe and environmentally friendly, more heat resistant than other forms of glass on the market.

CLEANING ADVISES: Dish Washer safe
COATING: CONTAINERS SAFE FOR THE DISHWASHER, FREEZER, OVEN, AND MICROWAVE: Thanks to their high borosilicate thick glass construction, our glass food storage containers are safe for extreme temperatures of up to 570°F. They're perfect for all your food storage and preparation needs.
Bamboo lid: Not microwave, oven safe.
HEAT RESISTANCE: Container: Heat resistant up to 550 F   DO NOT USE LID IN OVEN/ MICROWAVE

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